Regional attractions

Come and discover not only Dziwnówek, but also the region as a whole. Near our Holiday Village, there are many amazing places worth visiting.

Below, we listed some of them:

  • a beautiful, wide, sandy beach in Dziwnówek (some 800 m away)
  • a hiking path all the way up to Dziwnów where the Dziwna River has its mouth, and back to Łukęcin
  • bars, restaurants, cafés, and fried fish shops (some 500 m away)
  • bike trails: extreme trails to Dziwnów, leisurely trails to Łukęcin and Pobierowo, oak lane to Wrzosowo
  • an unguarded beach in Radawka (some 3 km away)
  • Wrzosowski Reservoir where you can fish or do water sports (some 100 m away)
  • fishing grounds in Dziwnówek and Wrzosowo
  • bike trails and footpaths (running right next to our Holiday Village)
  • historic town of Kamień Pomorski (some 10 km away)
  • Baltic Dinosaur Park in Wrzosowo (some 4 km away)
  • horse riding in Dziwnówek and Wrzosowo
  • a drawbridge in Dziwnów (some 4 km away)
  • a fishing port and a sightseeing boat terminal in Dziwnów (some 4 km away)
  • Wolin National Park (some 30 km away)
  • Gosań Hill, a viewing point near Międzyzdroje. This is the highest viewing point overlooking the Wolin cliffs (some 25 km away)
  • ruins of the church in Trzęsacz (some 20 km away)
  • Świnoujście (some 50 km away)
  • cruises to Bornholm from Świnoujście

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