We love pets, but you are only allowed to take small or medium-sized dogs (up to 10 kg) with you, so that our dog Felek doesn’t feel threatened :)

We do not accept cats

                                                            RULES OF HOLIDAYS WITH DOGS
1. The basic condition for the accommodation of guests with dogs is to inform us about the pet at the time of booking.
2. There is a fee for a dog in the amount of 25 euro per stay.
3. Dogs staying in the Holiday Village SUMMERLAND must be kept on a leash (except for a specially prepared paddock with a playground) and be under full control of their owners. They cannot disturb guest’s relaxation or cause a threat to other guests. It is worth remembering about current vaccinations.
4. Each owner of a dog is responsible for an immediate removal of pollution left by the pet in the Holiday Village, and is fully financially responsible for any damage, destruction or dirt caused by the dog.



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