Fall in love with Dziwnówek

We chose Diwnówek because it is a small but charming spa destination.

Located between the Baltic Sea and Wrzosowski Reservoir, this place offers some absolutely gorgeous views. But, luckily, not many people have discovered it, so this place is not crowded, as is the case with most seaside resorts. Dziwnówek is unique because of its therapeutic microclimate, which is beneficial especially for people suffering from respiratory, circulatory, or nervous-system disorders.

Dziwnówek has clean, fresh air. Clean water, picturesque pine forests, and, on top of that, a lovely, wide, sandy beach. The beach is surrounded by sand dunes covered with fragrant black pine, willows, and some rare plant species. The local sea water is considered the cleanest across all of Pomerania. In 2013, Dziwnów, Dziwnówek, and Międzywodzie became “Blue Flag”-certified to confirm the top-quality of these seaside resorts. There are restaurants, bars, cafes, fried fish stands, grocery stores, and many souvenir shops – must-haves for any respectable resort.

Dziwnówek is an excellent destination for any sport enthusiast. With its amazing bodies of water, this place is great for various water sports. At Wrzosowski Reservoir you will find a windsurfing & kitesurfing school for both advanced and novice surfers. There is also a kayak and pedalo (paddle boat) rental service.
Nature lovers will certainly appreciate hikes along the mysterious, winding paths in the woods by the sea. And the unguarded beach in Radawka, the rustle of trees, the warble of birds, and the tracks of wild animals. You can also discover the local nature on a bike. There is a bike and hiking trail running right next to our Holiday Village.
And in autumn, mushroom picking is a highly recommended option.

See you there! :)


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