Have a sickly child?

Rather than being overprotective or giving your child all the medications you can think of, take them to the seaside! Paradoxically, the best way to boost their immune system is to have them face some slightly uncomfortable weather conditions.

To make them more resilient, there’s nothing better than simply taking a walk for two hours each day, away from the streets and exhaust fumes, whatever the weather.Only pouring rain, blizzards, gusty wind, and hard frost can be contraindications for walks.

A trip to the seaside is an ideal solution for problems experienced by persons with a weakened immune system. Especially in autumn and winter, when in addition to the possibility of building your resistance to illness with crisp air, you can take a large dose of a natural medicine – iodine. Sea aerosol, containing small particles of salt carried by breeze, free of any pollutants or allergens, supports the function of the immune system, removes toxins, treats runny nose, has a soothing effect on the nasal mucous membrane, oxygenates the body, and moisturises the lungs and the bronchi.

It is a prefect and natural inhalation. You can forget about smog here. In addition, the sound of the sea waves and the sea landscape is soothing to your senses, and a walk along the beach tones your muscles. The beach is practically empty, if not totally deserted, in autumn and winter.

You can breathe in the largest amount of iodine when it is rainy, there is strong wind and waves break against the shore. On such days, we put on our Wellington boots and warm coats and stroll along meadows, forests, and the beach. We take deep breaths, inhaling natural seaside iodine, strengthening our immune system, and reducing the stress levels ...

We love it ... but Felek is not so keen on going :)


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